Anhui Guofeng Thermal Films Company
     Guofeng Thermal Films, a wholly owned-subsidiary of Anhui Guofeng Plastic Co., Ltd, was established on 18 September 2015. The company is located in Hefei new and high-tech development zone and covers an area of 75081m2. Guofeng Thermal Films is a modern enterprise with integrated operations in thermal film research and development, production, sales and service. The company has a group of high-quality technical professionals and management personnel, and has also brought in foreign experts for technical support. It has a mature?core?technology and a sound development layout.
    The company has introduced two latest Davis-Standard thermal laminating lines with a maximum annual production output up to 10000 ton per line and maximum line speed up to 450mpm. The two lines can satisfy different thickness thermal film production, and the width of the two lines is 1850mm and 2050mm, which can meet customers’ requirement on different width of master rolls. Three imported slitters from England ASHE company are of good properties, which ensure no damage to the slitter roll when slitting the master roll.
    公司主营产品包括BOPP预涂膜(亮光&哑光)、PET预涂膜(亮光&哑光)、镀铝膜、BOPP 镭射膜、触感膜和防刮花膜等。其产品具有表面外观好、粘合强度高,覆膜质量佳等优点,广泛应用于出版包装印刷领域、广告制品、新型建筑保温材料及电子产品等领域。所产系列产品远销欧美南非等地区,在国内外颇有知名度和信誉度。
    Main products of the company include BOPP thermal film (gloss and matt), PET thermal film (gloss and matt), metalized film, BOPP laser film, silky film, anti-scratch film and so on. Our products have many advantages like good film surface, high adhesion, great lamination performance, and are widely applied in packaging area, advertising, new building insulation materials, electronics and so on. The products enjoy very good reputation?and?credibility at home and abroad, and have been sold to Europe, America, south Africa and other countries and regions.
     In?the?future?development, Guofeng thermal films will focus on the product quality, cost and yield. Based on the aim of occupying the market, the company will strengthen?its humanistic?management, equipment management, technology management and market management to build a world-class thermal film enterprise. Our destination is to meet customers’ demand and to enhance customers’ satisfaction, and create value for all customers. The company will carry on the main line of "improve the yield and improve quality, reduce consumption and cost" as well as enhance market competition ability, so as to turn Guofeng thermal films company into a leading thermal film supplier with advanced technology, superior product quality and excellent service.
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